Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long time no post! here we go

                                   new header!                                     
 i entered this into some satellite soda contest. fun times.

 character explorations
ian macdonald told me to design a baby ian for him. so i drew up a young and older baby.


Nicole Kozak said...

aaaaahahaha i love the baby ians!

Jeremy Bondy said...

love the new header!! very classy, hope that martinis shaken...not stirred

Noam Sussman said...

nice designs. love the header!

Ian MacDonald said...

dude that header is awesome. Goddamn! GOod shit yo. Hahaha love the baby mes! OO BABY!!

Matt said...

hahaha thanks guys!
ian, nice word usage there. haha

Rachelle Reyes said...

HAHAHA awesome! i love the baby ians! he looks like a mini sasquatch. :d i esp like your entry for satellite soda! ive never seen you daw realistic before-- i like! :)